EXASOL to showcase the power of high performance analytics at Birst FORWARD 2016

Birst FORWARD, San Francisco, 25 April 2016 – For the next three days, EXASOL will showcase the power and performance of its in-memory analytic database solution at Birst’s international customer partner event, which is running in San Francisco through April 27.

Under the motto of “let's connect the enterprise through data,” EXASOL will exhibit at the Birst event to show how easy and pain-free it is to get started with high performance analytics, and how organizations can benefit from enterprise scalability and performance that has been specifically optimized for Birst’s Networked BI solution.

Announced back in December 2015, Birst, in combination with EXASOL, provides an analytic, networked data tier that offers unparalleled speed and scales to hundreds of thousands of users. Ideal for medium to large enterprises that are seeking high performance against complex data sets and large user loads, the collaboration between the two companies brings together EXASOL’s high-performance, in-memory database and Birst’s Networked BI approach to provide customers with the performance and scalability they need.

Available to customers both in the cloud and on premise, EXASOL combines in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing (MPP) to analyze data and information at high speeds. The in-memory database is specifically engineered to deliver unprecedented analytic performance, scalability and ease of use to its customers, and it tops the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance.

“By working with Birst, customers now have access to a truly enterprise-scale, in-memory database solution that is very cost-effective,” said Aaron Auld, CEO, EXASOL. “Enterprises using EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database can expect half-second response times when querying hundreds of terabytes of data across multiple billions of rows. In combination with Birst’s cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture, this offers companies a 5-10X improvement in price-performance over traditional BI platforms. We look forward to discussing this key advantage with the Birst community at the show this week.”

To find out more about the solution, meet with at EXASOL at Birst Forward 2016 on the show floor. The event takes place April 25-27, 2016 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, CA. For more information on Birst FORWARD 2016, visit http://info.birst.com/forward.html

For more information on EXASOL, visit: http://www.exasol.com


EXASOL is passionate about helping companies to run their businesses smarter and drive profit by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. The company develops the world's fastest database for analytics and data warehousing and offers first-class know-how and expertise in data insight and analytics. The in-memory analytic database is the first database to combine in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing, and is proven to be the world's FASTEST, topping the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance. Companies that depend on EXASOL to analyze their data in real-time include Adidas Group, GfK, IMS Health, King, Olympus, MyThings, Sony Music and Xing. Follow EXASOL on Twitter at @EXASOLAG.

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