High performance data analytics comes to Italy with Ecoh Media and EXASOL

Nuremberg, Germany and Milan, Italy, 14 April 2016 - EXASOL, developer of the world’s fastest in memory analytic database, today announced that it has entered a reseller partnership agreement with systems integrator, Ecoh Media.

Based in Milan, Italy, Ecoh Media delivers data warehousing and business intelligence solutions to its customers that are traditionally B2B or public bodies. Tableau is its staple offering for data visualization software, but the company saw how customers with large datasets were starting to run into performance problems. With data volumes rapidly growing from sources such as IoT (Internet of Things) and social media, Ecoh Media identified that its customers could benefit from an acceleration layer for their analytics. By using EXASOL with Tableau, Ecoh Media’s customers can now make real-time analyses and visualizations on large data volumes a reality.

By combining Ecoh Media’s in-depth knowledge of the regional market and experience in the media industry with EXASOL’s world-class in-memory analytic database, speed-starved Italian customers can now enjoy the benefits of in-memory technology to power their BI applications and deliver powerful data visualizations.

Apart from Tableau, this strategic partnership also aims to provide Italy-based companies with the opportunity to complement their data warehouses with a fully-fledged in-memory analytic database.

“The partnership with EXASOL complements and reinforces the offer of Ecoh Media’s toolset which is best-in-class when it comes to data analytics. Our Italian customers can now take advantage of the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database and benefit from the high levels of professionalism and competence of Ecoh Media,” says Franco Silvi, sales manager at Ecoh Media.

“This partnership means that Italian companies now have access to an enterprise-scale, in-memory analytic database solution that is very cost-effective,” said Aaron Auld, CEO at EXASOL. “For too long, businesses have had to endure slow and painful legacy database systems and put up with excessive licensing costs just to run the most basic analytic jobs. Now, working with Ecoh Media, we look forward to showing Italian companies how easy and how affordable super-fast analytics is now by using EXASOL instead.”

To promote the relationship with EXASOL, Ecoh Media is running an event on April 28 in Milan to showcase the power of high-speed analytics and real-time data visualizations. For more information, go tohttp://www.ecohmedia.com/business-breakfast-exasol-ecoh-media/

About Ecoh Media

Ecoh Media is a system integration and application management company that specializes in the design and development of computer systems and application solutions for companies and public bodies. Our business objective is to create value for our customers through innovative solutions in the Internet-business world. Ecoh Media’s mission is to use its expertise, methodology, team spirit, initiative and ability to execute and communicate to be able to provide solutions in any environment.

Ecoh Media’s BIEPM division has high competency skills in business intelligence and big data analytics. In 2012, the company was the first to become a Tableau Partner in Italy. For more information, go to www.ecohmedia.com


EXASOL is passionate about helping companies to run their businesses smarter and drive profit by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. The company develops the world's fastest database for analytics and data warehousing and offers first-class know-how and expertise in data insight and analytics. The in-memory analytic database is the first database to combine in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing, and is proven to be the world's FASTEST, topping the list in the TPC-H Benchmark tests for performance. Companies that depend on EXASOL to analyze their data in real-time include Adidas Group, GfK, IMS Health, King, Olympus, MyThings, Sony Music and Xing. Follow EXASOL on Twitter at @EXASOLAG.

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