EXASOL AG is expanding its customer network with the world’s largest chocolate chain store

Franchising chain Cacau Show relies on a high-performance data warehouse solution

Nuremberg, 29th of October 2013 – Beginning immediately, the successful Brazilian company Cacau Show will rely on the analytical platform EXASolution from EXASOL AG. The in-memory database of the Nuremberg-based company is thus expanding the previously used SAP ERP database to include a high-performance analysis layer. Cacau Show is the world’s largest franchise network for fine chocolate candy and has more than 1,400 branches in Brazil. Cacau Show is incorporating a data warehouse into existing analysis systems with the integration of EXASolution and optimising it for high-quality, real-time analyses and ad-hoc reports.

The rapid growth in the number of franchisees means ever-growing data volumes and analyses and therefore challenges to the existing management system. In order to safeguard the positive trend in the company’s development, Cacau Show has decided to insert a high-performance data warehouse as an additional layer into the existing system. Alongside the uncomplicated provision of data and the rapid migration of existing data volumes into the new data warehouse, the simple combination of SAP data and non-SAP data convinced those responsible for IT at Cacau Show. EXASolution enables them to transfer voucher and cash register data from logistics and subdata from further areas of the business, from the existing ERP system into EXASolution and to carry out fine-grained analysis there. “Despite the explosion in data volume, we are able to carry out real-time analyses with EXASolution that had previously only been possible with a considerable investment in time”, Jorge Devitte, CIO at Cacau Show, explains. “We are now able to generate reports in a few seconds that previously took 30 minutes and longer. At peak times, for example at Christmas or Easter, the real-time analytics help us to control our production and logistics according to demand and increase our effectiveness.” Pooling very different business figures, for example sales figures from the individual shops or information from Cacau Show’s customer loyalty programme, is also a further benefit for the chocolates manufacturer.

“We have acquired quite a special customer in Cacau Show”, said Aaron Auld, Member of the Management Board, EXASOL AG. “They are our first customer outside Europe. One further important step for the globalisation of EXASOL AG that we have unquestionably achieved with such a well-known and well-developed franchise network.”

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EXASOL AG is one of the leading manufacturers of analytical platforms and in-database analytic tools. These are used in operating Business Intelligence and are employed for rapidly growing data volumes in the areas:Business Analytics, Data Warehousing and Data Science. EXASOL AG makes a decisive contribution to business success to structuring business processes in a profitable and sustainable way with its appliance and cloud solutions. The company was founded in Nuremberg in 2000 and has two subsidiaries in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Customers from around the world rely on the technologies from EXASOL AG. These include companies, such as Cacau Show, King.com, XING, Sony Music, Olympus, media control, Zalando, IMS Health and Webtrekk.

About Cacau Show

Founded in 1988, Cacau Show became, in only 25 years, the largest chocolate chain store in the world. Now, it has more than 1.400 franchised stores in the main malls, and commercial streets and avenues all around Brazil. A truffles specialist, Cacau Show is in constant innovation. The entrepreneurial spirit of Alexandre Costa, CEO and founder, has helped the brand become a reference in Brazilian market. For him, all of this has a deeper meaning: each truffle, chocolate bar or bonbon can make people smile. Therefore, Cacau Show works hard to offer a huge variety of products and flavours for all tastes and moments.

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