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Meet the fastest and most comprehensive in-memory analytic database in town: EXASOL

Turn data into valuable insights and take your data analytics to whole new level. This datasheet Learn more about the key features of the in-memory analytic database EXASOL and its benefits in terms of performance, scalability and flexibility.
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Hadoop Integration Service – Optimal linking of large quantities of data

Take advantage of your large quantities of unstructured data with our Hadoop integration. With the Hadoop Integration Service, data from Hadoop can be linked with your EXASOL data warehouse in EXASolution. Learn more about how you can benefit from Hadoop integration.
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Build an analytic enterprise with EXASOL

Choose EXASOL and we will help you to build new businesses and revenue streams that are driven by data and analytics.
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Innovate in your business with EXASOL

Use EXASOL to liberate your data, create new products and services, and bring innovation to your business analytics
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Protect your investment with EXASOL

Put your confidence in EXASOL and we will make sure your decision is safeguarded and future-proof
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Business whitepapers

Business Whitepaper: The world’s fastest analytic database

The world’s fastest analytic database

Learn how your business can benefit from the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database – whether you need to accelerate your BI and reporting, run predictive analytics or deliver a “Big Data” analytics solution to your business. This business whitepaper details how you can be successful with deep-dive analytics, including “What is EXASOL?”, “What are the database’s key features?”, an overview of TPC-H benchmark results as well as flexible deployment (software, cloud, appliance).
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What to consider when implementing an analytic database – a checklist

This checklist will be very valuable when choosing an analytic database aligned with the scope and area your company is operating in. Leading market analysts consider analytic databases to be a sound solution for delivering the right information that companies need in order to make economic decisions and secure their market position.
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Got Hadoop?

Turn Hadoop into an analytic repository. While Hadoop excels at storing massive amounts of data across commodity hardware, it does have drawbacks when it comes to big data analytics – such as slow real-time analytics, performance issues when using multiple copies of big data as well as inadequate SQL support. Download your copy of the free whitepaper and learn how to dramatically accelerate the speed of reporting, analysis, and data exploration of all your Hadoop-based data.
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Whitepaper: Turning data into value

Turning data into value

Are you interested in getting started with data analytics, and turning your big data into big value? Our big data whitepaper details where to begin, which goals need to be defined and which questions need to be asked to harness the true potential of your data.
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Whitepaper: Kiss goodbye to expensive upgrades

Kiss goodbye to expensive upgrades

Leverage new technologies and stay ahead of the competition instead of wasting money on costly hardware. This Whitepaper highlights the top 4 smart new technologies that will help you with data analysis and interpretation.
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Whitepaper: Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Predict tomorrow’s success and lead the game. This whitepaper discusses how the application of predictive analytics can help your company act on trends instead of reacting to them.
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A-to-Z Guide: Definitions for terms used in big data & analytics

A-to-Z Guide: Definitions for terms used in big data & analytics

Are you interested in big data and data analytics, but sometimes ask yourself what abbreviations such as “ETL” stand for, or wonder what a “logical data warehouse” is? Then our A-to-Z guide is for you. It contains short explanations of all relevant technical terms, e. g. big data, ETL vs. ELT, Hadoop, NoSQL, operational BI and many more.
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Big Data Analytics Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) – A five-step guide

Big Data Analytics Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) – A five-step guide

Does existing data in your business contain untapped potential? Is your business data driven – and if not, how can it become data driven? If it is, what needs to be kept in mind? Which steps are important for strategically valuable data analysis? Which advantages does it create? What does it cost? This Big Data Analytics Guide provides answers to these questions.
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Whitepaper: Oracle Says Forget about Benchmarks – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

„Oracle Says Forget about Benchmarks – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t“

From the standpoint of CIOs and CTOs who make technology buying decisions, third-party benchmarks provide audited validation of a database vendor’s claims. In this whitepaper, CITO Research presents findings from a recent Transaction Processing Council (TPC) benchmark, TPC-H.
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In-memory analytic databases – 5 things to consider first when researching which one best fits your requirements

When searching for a new in-memory analytic database system or types of database in general, it can be overwhelming to sift through the options if you don’t follow a defined process. In this whitepaper you learn five key things that you should consider when conducting research on in-memory analytic databases
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Technical whitepapers

EXASOL – A Peek under the Hood

The technical whitepaper explains how massively parallel processing and the large-scale in-memory architecture make EXASOL’s database the world’s fastest analytic database, how “Self-Optimization”, “Profiling”, “Skyline” and other features provide an all new user experience and how the Hadoop Integration Service via eUDF enables data scientists to explore unstructured data in real time.
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A Drill-Down into EXASOL

A Drill-Down into EXASOL

This technical whitepaper discusses the technical underpinnings that enable the world’s fastest database’s top performance. Some highlights from the content: query compilation (optimization and statistics, replication and index creation, extensibility via SQL preprocessing), query execution (parallel processing via pipelining, distributed processing, integrating user-defined code), data access (compression, incremental modification, block management, remote data).
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A Drill-Down into EXASOL

Big data science – the future of analytics

In response to the two top trends of recent years – big data and data science (now fused together as big data science) – EXASOL offers a new systems architecture for big data science that allows users to perform advanced analytical tasks on large volumes of data in an interactive fashion – right in the database, using any programming language!
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Apache Spark and EXASOL: Make sure you use the right tool for the right job

This technical whitepaper sheds light on the general purpose platform Spark and Spark SQL and discusses the open source solutions’ advantages and disadvantages. In this paper we also explain what differentiates EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database from Spark, and why the two should be seen as complementary solutions instead of competitive offerings. The key is simply selecting the right solution for the right use case.
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Webinar recordings

Data Vault Modeling with EXASOL

In this webinar recording you will learn the basic concepts of Data Vault Modeling and how Data Vault Modeling enables agile development cycles. Afterwards, you will see a demo that will transform TPC-H benchmark results into a Data Vault model. Here, you will learn how to transform a database model (third normal form) into a Data Vault model as well as load and query data in a Data Vault.
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EXASOL vs. Tableau Extracts – A Case Study from Iron Viz

You have 20 minutes to build a dashboard from scratch with 1.3 billion rows of New York City taxi data. What do you do? Can your database handle the task? Are Tableau extracts the answer? In this webinar, Iron Viz contestant and Tableau Zen Master Robert Rouse discusses how he solved this problem. He describes the challenges he faced using extracts, how EXASOL helps overcome those and how performance compares between the two.
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