On-premise or in the cloud: install and use EXASOL the way you want

Discover the performance difference for yourself – either by downloading the Free Small Business Edition, using EXASOL in the cloud, via Azure or AWS.

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    Free Small Business Edition

    The free single-node edition for commercial and private/academic use.

    * up to 200GB main memory usage on one node

    Version: EXASOL Free Small Business Edition V6.0 (Advanced)

    Formats: VM image (.ova) or ISO image

    General system requirements:

    • Intel/AMD x86-64 (aka x64) CPUs with SSSE3 instruction set
    • 4 GB RAM; 8+ GB recommended
    • 20 GB free disk space; 100+ GB recommended

    Additional system requirements for the VM image:
    64-bit Windows, Linux or macOS installation with virtual machine player, e.g. VirtualBox, VMWare Player or KVM

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    Demo system in the cloud

    Sign up for a personal demo system hosted in the cloud on EXASOL servers that you can test with your own data and scripts.

    No need to waste time with hardware set up and configuration.

    The EXASOL cloud test-drive gives you an empty database schema in the demo system. You can produce and execute tables, views, functions, and scripts.

    In addition, there is also a “TPC” schema in the database. This contains test data similar to the rigorous TPC-H benchmark from the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

Are you user of Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure?

We’ve got you covered, too.

Microsoft Azure

Access EXASOL via the Azure Marketplace and get started in just minutes via Azure Virtual Machines.

Visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Amazon Web Services

Run EXASOL on AWS and benefit from the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of Amazon Web Services.

Visit the AWS Marketplace

Request a Proof-of-Concept

If you are ready to get started with EXASOL, we offer detailed Proof-of-Concept (POC) projects so you can see first hand how EXASOL can meet your BI, reporting and analytic needs using your data. We will work with you to understand your requirements, define the scope of the project and consult on how to get the most out of the EXASOL database.

The POCs include installing the database, loading data, running queries, connecting to back-end ETL tools and front-end BI applications. POCs can be run using a mobile trial cluster or a remote system based in the cloud.