Using analytics to deliver the best gaming experience at King

To analyze the data and acting on evidence generated by 1.5 billion game plays per day, King uses a combination of open source Hadoop and the fastest in-memory analytic database in the world, EXASOL’s scalable, self-tuning database.

EXASOL has solved problems for us that were previously deemed too difficult. The investment has rapidly paid off and delivered value to our business. Our users get answers to their business queries in a fraction of the time it took previously.

Andy Done, Data Platform Lead at King

  • About King

    About King

    King Digital Entertainment plc, doing business as King, is a social games company. King develops games for the web, for mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), Facebook, and Windows 10. King gained fame after releasing the cross-platform title Candy Crush Saga in 2012, considered the first successful game utilitizing the freemium model.

    Application:Gaming analytics
    Database:EXASOL, Hadoop, InfiniDB
    BI tool:Looker, Qlik
    ETL tool:Apache Kafka, Own application
  • Challenge


    • Striking the right balance between making games fun while also making them challenging to players
    • Understanding how, when and why players make in-game purchases
    • Overcoming the limitations of Hadoop as an open-source solution for data management and analytics
  • Solution

    Why EXASOL?

    • An analytic database that works seamlessly with Hadoop-based data
    • A solution that enables fast data analytics by offering high performance as well as linear scalability
    • A self-optimizing database that offers a low TCO
  • Benefit

    Benefits for King

    • Self-optimizing analytic database helps keep the focus on gaming
    • Queries that used to take hours now run in seconds
    • Business insights are available at the right time
    • Flexible solution means staying responsive to rapidly changing business