Seamless supply chain management that maximizes customer satisfaction

The global supply chain management expert arvato SCM Solutions relies on its global network, powerful business intelligence systems and in-depth industry knowledge to guarantee quick and safe delivery of products to their destination.

Choosing to switch to one standard BI strategy with state-of-the-art technology was an essential step for arvato SCM. Innovative concepts such as agile data vault modeling and controlling metadata enable novel opportunities. The database allows us to efficiently manage the heterogeneous aspects of our diverse business units.

Dr. Jan Bolz, Director IT, Business Intelligence – Arvato SCM Solutions

  • About Arvato

    About Arvato Bertelsmann SCM Solutions

    Arvato is a global services company headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany. Its services include customer support, information technology, logistics, and finance. The history of Arvato goes back to the printing and industry services division of Bertelsmann; the current name was introduced in 1999.

    Today, Arvato is one of eight divisions of Bertelsmann, the media, services and education group. In 2015, Arvato had about 72,400 employees and an overall turnover of 4.8 billion euros. Since 2015, Fernando Carro has been Chief Executive Officer of Arvato.

    Application:Financial reporting, Operational performance report, Managing returns, Usage analytics
    Database:EXASOL, SAP BW
    BI tool:IBM Cognos, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Power Query, SAP Business Objects
    ETL tool:LUA Scripts, Microsoft Integration Services, SAP BODS/SAP DS, Theobald
  • Challenge


    • Ensuring scalability of the BI solution across different business units
    • Unifying all legacy BI solutions and migrating them into one standard platform
  • Solution

    Why EXASOL?

    • Easy integration of existing BI solutions
      Existing data models based on Oracle and MS SQL Server could be replicated seamlessly in EXASOL
    • Maintenance
      No fine tuning necessary – developers can focus on developing instead of database maintenance
    • Vendor support
      Responses and solutions are delivered fast
    • High performance and limitless linear scalability
  • Benefit

    Benefits for Arvato Bertelsmann

    • Complex queries on large data volumes run within just seconds
    • Database self-optimization guarantees maximum performance even with heterogeneous business processes
    • Analytic query times accelerated by a factor of 20
    • Simple integration with existing BI tools ensures database is available immediately
    • Future-proof solution with modern concepts such as data vault modeling and controlling metadata