Streamlining processes in order to avoid losses in inventory

The financial service provider Accarda needed a scalable solution that they could use to run any type of analysis at the individual transaction level and analyze data on the fly.

With EXASOL, we have managed to accelerate analytic query response times considerably. There’s a remarkable agility not only in the development of the product, but also in EXASOL, something that we have come to notice a lot.

Stefan Schurgast, Business Development & Innovation Manager at Accarda AG

  • About Accarda

    About Accarda AG

    (Un)intentional errors at checkout when collecting payments or when booking returns, reversals or special discounts can lead to discrepancies in inventory and losses in any retail business. In Switzerland, inventory discrepancies currently account for as much as one percent of total retail sales, and the trend is increasing. Such discrepancies can quickly translate into financial losses as well as an overall loss of confidence within any company. Responding to this problem, the financial service provider Accarda, a specialist for payment solutions and customer loyalty in the retail sector, has worked with Manor AG to develop the Accarda Loss Prevention System (ALPS).

    ALPS tracks down improper or incorrect transactions, and can provide valuable information in order to detect fraudulent acts. In order to uncover improprieties, investigate discrepancies in processes or identify any conspicuous trends, Accarda needed a scalable solution that they could use to run any type of analysis at the individual transaction level as well as analyze data on the fly.

    Industry:Financial Services, Card Payment Systems
    Application:Financial reporting, Fraud detection, Operational performance report
    Database:EXASOL, Oracle DB
    BI tool:OBI-EE
    ETL tool:LUA Scripts, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Challenge


    • Needed to analyze huge data volumes in real time without first having to spend time aggregating data
    • Wanted to offer the business the ability to run statistical analytics, reporting and ad hoc analyses
    • Required a database that didn’t require too much maintenance
  • Solution

    Why EXASOL?

    • High data loading and analysis speeds
    • Compatible with existing systems
    • Efficient use of storage
    • Attractive price/performance ratio
    • Linearly scalable and remarkable agility not only in the database software, but also in EXASOL the company
  • Benefit

    Benefits for Accarda

    • Data aggregation has become superfluous and data does not have to be materialized
    • Dramatic acceleration in analytic query response times; Accarda’s trading partners benefit accordingly
    • Accarda can now analyze data down to the individual transaction level