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Granular analysis of POS receipt data that delivers more transparency for grocery retailers

16 Dec 2016 | Share

This article presents how coop achieves a substantial competitive advantage by running complex analyses on over 3.5 Terabytes of unstructured data.

The German food retailing sector is a heavily competed market. The market is largely saturated, but customer preferences and buying patterns can change rapidly. The data retailers possess to deal with these challenges often consists primarily of point-of-sales receipts. These typically provide information about items sold, their quantity as well as the time and place of sale. However, in contrast to e-commerce, these POS receipts do not reveal much information about the actual customer making the purchase. By using EXASOLs state-of-the-art in-memory technology, the food retailer coop is able to gather valuable insights about customer preferences .One of the key concepts for making this possible is establishing a “single source of truth”.

To read more about this concept and how coop makes use of its data to gain a competitive edge, read the full German original article.