Big Data Analytics

Are you interested in big data analytics? Here are 5 top reasons why you should look at EXASOL.

22 Sep 2015 | Share

As a young and dynamic organization, EXASOL offers more than just an in-memory analytic database.

We are passionate about helping companies to analyze data quickly and easily, and to turn it into actionable insight that helps them drive their business. Our company is backed up by professionals who live and breathe data analytics.

1. Technology that is easy to use

There are a number of in-memory databases available today, but EXASOL was built specifically from the ground-up to offer superior analytic performance while offering standard SQL access. Only EXASOL offers the four key components of what makes an in-memory analytic database so fast: clustering, MPP, columnar-based storage and intelligent compression algorithms. The software can be integrated seamlessly into existing analytic environments and is incredibly easy to administer. Furthermore, EXASOL is available as a software-only product, an appliance or in the cloud.

2. People who make the difference

We’re passionate about making our customers successful with EXASOL. But our talents lie way beyond just being makers of a fast database; the company is committed to going a step further by offering first-class know-how and support both before and after the sale. Our goal is to ensure that every customer feels good when using EXASOL and believes that they have chosen the best technology when they implement EXASOL to help them with their analytics, BI and reporting. More than 70 highly-motivated members of staff from over 10 countries make up our people.

3. Passion that you can feel

Data and data analytics – that’s our passion. Our staff are committed to making our customers successful. Whether it’s our development teams, our marketing or sales people or our technical support professionals, EXASOL is there for our customers every step of the way until they have achieved what they set out to do. For our customers’ success signals EXASOL’s success. And when compared to the competition who are often only interested in selling licenses, EXASOL is far more passionate about building and sustaining long-term business relationships with its customers. Simply put: we’re only satisfied when our customers are.

4. Flexibility that you can rely on

EXASOL is used by a wide range of industries in numerous ways. Indeed, there are many ways our customers use EXASOL to support their requirements, including:

As an analytic layer:
investments made in existing database technologies such as Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL are protected when using EXASOL as an analytic layer on top in order to accelerate analytic queries like never before.

For new types of analyses:
EXASOL can be used to satisfy large-scale analytic workloads that were previously unthinkable using other database technology. When combined with different and complex analytic processes, our customers benefit from a new and more effective way to analyze data.

As an engine that drives new business activities:
Data-driven companies depend on EXASOL to turn data and information into a valuable asset in their business, and in turn use it to build new products and services and therefore new revenue streams.

5. Quality that you can trust

“Made in Germany” stands for quality. At EXASOL, we don’t just build great in-memory analytic database software, but we ensure that our product does not become available until everything has been tested and approved. Moreover, our doors are always open, and our customers benefit from the ability to interact with EXASOL on a daily basis with any questions, comments or concerns that they have.

Infographic: 5 top reasons why you should look at EXASOL (PDF)